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Premium Hosting

  • VPS (Faster) Hosting
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Hosting / Email Maintenance

Maintenance Hosting

  • VPS (Faster) Hosting
  • 1 Domain Name
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Hosting / Email Maintenance
  • Plugin & Theme Updates

Optimized for SEO

Rogue Web Design includes a high performance optimization process for all our clients websites. This process consists of optimizing your images and content to achieve faster page loads. A fast page load speed not only helps boost your SEO ranking, but also offers a better user experience. For best results, we recommend our Premium VPS (Faster) Hosting plan.

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Why Our Websites Are Faster

There are multiple factors that result in having a fast website. You may have a website now that seems fast to the eye, but how does Google see it? If you're currently using WordPress, you or your website company is most likely using a caching plugin to enhance the speed of the website. Does this mean you're website is fully optimized?

Marketplace WordPress Themes

You may or may not know of Premium or Marketplace WordPress themes. There are thousands of themes you can buy for WordPress online. These are great if you're looking to manage your own website and need a drag and drop solution. However, many of these themes are built using similar frameworks and require multiple plugins to be used.

Majority of these themes are very large file sizes, which means they take up a lot more space on your hosting server. In addition, because they require multiple plugins, there is a ton of unecessary code required to load and display your website.

Our point here is: Don't use them.

50+ WordPress Plugins

WordPress is great for its flexibility and offers thousands of useful plugins. If you don't know what a Plugin is, its basically like installing an app on your phone, but instead you're installing it to your website to add some sort of extra functionality.

Using a few plugins is ok, as long as they're not cauing any major stresses on your server, or effecting your websites speed. Many WordPress users today, often have too many plugins, required by Premium themes or not, resulting in a slow and slugish website.

Our point here is: Use them lightly.

Our Themes and Plugins

You may be asking, "how are Rogue Web Design's themes and plugins different?". Rogue Web Design creates custom themes and plugins that are specific to your business and / or needs. Our themes don't require a list of plugins to work. Instead, we build the functionality you need within your custom WordPress theme.

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